“AI Robotics have supplied, installed and commissioned all our Panasonic Robotic Welding Equipment since their start up four years ago.

They have helped us get up and running with programming of new and existing manually welded jobs.

They have also provided all the operation and programming training requirements for our personnel.

We are very happy with their service especially their timely planned servicing of all the equipment.

They have also supported us at very short notice for repair of equipment.

AI Robotics also supply all our spare parts and consumables for the Panasonic welding cells.”

Gerry Carroll
Engineering Manager

Ph: 00353 91 844271 | www.byrnemech.ie

“We at ECAM Engineering have worked with Dave for many years.

The team at AI Robotics have always been there to support us whether that be repairs or service and have also held our hand when purchasing a new robot cell.

Our team much appreciate the telephone support that we get to help us through any small issues.

I would highly recommend Dave and his team to anyone, keep up the good work.”

Philip Arme
Managing Director

Ecam Engineering Ltd