Technical Support

When it comes to technical telephone support as is often the case in this evolving technical society, many scenarios that seem to be an impossible technical hurdle to overcome are rarely that serious.

What is perceived to be a major fault can be easily rectified when the right questions receive the right answers.

That is where our technical support is at its best, we have the experience and technical knowledge to be able to support our customers quickly and concisely being able to offer immediate support when it is most needed.

Our support offers the following:

  • Free Telephone support
  • Free Online support
  • Onsite support at competitive rates
  • Access to a full range of next day replacement parts

Our company policy is simple: we shall intervene if we are unable to rectify the fault over the phone within 3 hours.

We will advise if a site visit is required as there is no mileage in continuing technical support when both parties recognise that a breakdown visit is required.


Book an engineer for a breakdown visit, pay for the hours they are on site add travel time. Travel cost is covered in the hourly rate.

Standard Hourly Rate
Overtime Hourly Rate
Weekend Hourly Rate
Overnight Charge
Our hourly rates are calculated irrespective of the start time. First 9 hours are at our standard rate then our overtime rate applies. Weekends are covered with an all hour’s rate.