Service Packages

Our service contract packages offer a minimum 22-point check to encompass the robot cell in its entirety with a focus on the robot manipulator, robot controller and peripheral equipment.

Service contract packages will also include preferential discount structures for consumables and spares, unlimited telephone support, comprehensive service report, health check report, recommended remedial work and quotation.

When a service contract is not required, for example if the system has been left unused for a period or prior to a large project, we provide a simple visit for battery replacement / timing belt changes / re-grease and system health check.

Telephone support, health check report, recommended remedial work and quotation will be covered.

The standard options are:

  • One annual visit with a single robot system
  • Two annual visits with a single robot system
  • Health Check per system type
  • Bespoke contract to suit system type

Prices are calculated for customers within 160 miles from our SO52 postcode, for customers outside a specific contract price will be quoted to suit your requirement.


Based on ‘actual’ operation hours all key areas will be focused on to greatly reduce or eliminate breakdowns. By doing so a preventative maintenance program can be established to coincide with the customers own check procedures.

Standard Option 1
Standard Option 2
Health Check
£ per request
Bespoke Contracts
£ per request
SERVICE CLUBS. As our service customer portfolio increases AI Robotics will be creating ‘service clubs’ to include companies using Panasonic equipment within a specific locality, travel and other expenses using the ‘travel share initiative’ can be spread thus reducing the overall cost for the service package offered.