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Robot Programming

At AI Robotics, our onsite programming capabilities span many Panasonic robot versions which allow us to offer a comparatively unique service.

Covering the AE2 series through G1, G2 and on to G3. Harmonised and non-harmonised single or twin robot systems covering all welding processes within the Panasonic range we have the necessary skill set to fully support and complement your inhouse capabilities.

Whilst AI Robotics will be able to offer guidance the final obligation for the integrity of the weld is to remain the ownership of the company. Macro testing and reports to be supplied to the customer must remain the overall responsibility of the QA department within your organisation.

Programming support from AI Robotics.

In line with our company policy, flexibility is integral, our programming support packages are quoted on an hourly rates basis. Pay for the hours on site plus travel hours and any overnight expenses that are incurred. No need to add a mileage cost, all travel is covered in the hourly rate.

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