Robot Programming

AI Robotics are able, through our knowledge of all Panasonic Robot versions, to offer a comparatively unique service. Covering AE2 and G1 analogue and digital welding systems to the Panasonic TAWERS range of fully integrated robotic welding robots having the necessary skill set to fully support and complement your own inhouse capabilities.

Our onsite programming support will include Cycle time improvement by implementing program changes to both robot path and weld data to make the process more efficient by increasing the ‘arc on’ to ‘arc off’ cycle ratio.

Our programming support is designed to achieve a more efficient, smoother and cost affective weld cycle.

Ultimately offering the benefits of:

  • Reduction in cycle time
  • Reduction in consumable usage
  • Reduction in gas and wire usage
  • Reduction in Robot Cell operating costs

Whilst the overall responsibility for the integrity and quality of the weld is to remain the customers, we will support from start to finish offering a complete programming service.


In line with our flexible company policy our programming support packages are quoted on an hourly rate basis.

Standard Hourly Rate
Overtime Hourly Rate
Weekend Hourly Rate
Overnight Charge
Our onsite programming package is designed to complete the programming project in its entirety or to support your own.