Contact Tips and Shrouds, many different versions of contact tip are available, all with high duty cycle and precise wire feed properties.

Torch Necks, Torch Cables and Liners contact us with your torch cable type, and we will be able to supply any item from stock or on a 3-day express delivery if required.

Torch mounts, whether through our service department or as a consumable item we hold a comprehensive range of torch mounts and accessories.

Torch Cleaning, we supply the TCS compact torch cleaner as standard for all our new systems and retrofit projects. Spares are readily available.

Cooling for water cooled torches and tooling supplied from stock.

Monitoring of gas is an ideal way to improve productivity and profitability, we are able through our partnership to set up an evaluation period for our customers to see the benefits before procuring the unit.

AI Robotics are pleased to announce that we can offer the full range of genuine ABICOR Binzel spare parts be it the full consumable range, replacement cable harnesses, water coolers and torch clean stations and spares.

Our technical team coupled with our working partnership with ABICOR Binzel technical staff in both UK and Germany are here to support you whether it is for consumables or fault investigation to be supported by replacement component parts.

In urgent cases we can arrange for the parts to be shipped directly from our supplier.