Re-engineering & Retrofit

Re-engineering and retrofit services offered include, reconfiguring any current robot cell, to the latest standards of weld quality and electrical safety.

Irrespective of your current installation and/or robot type we can offer a comprehensive service employing the diverse range of Panasonic robotic welding equipment, covering both MIG and TIG welding processes. A huge choice of retrofit and reengineered packages is available from the varied array of Panasonic manipulators, external axes, additional hardware, and a host of welding software options to complement the range.

Included in your new robot package will be an electrical control cabinet designed specifically for your application using current standards and common equipment for ease of future replacement.

Ancillary equipment such as torch cleaning stations, cooling systems and laser detection are also available.

To complete the reengineering services provided we are also able to supply tooling/jig design and build facilities, AI Robotics have teamed up with a likeminded tooling company offering a full design and build service.

Therefore, together we can offer a full turnkey solution to enhance your current production requirements.

Robot Systems


The Panasonic TM and TS series of TAWERS™ welding robots with fully integrated welding power source and encoder-controlled wire feed.

Completing the package, replacement control systems are designed and built inhouse and together with our partners we can supply tooling to suit your requirements and a full set of peripheral equipment.

Therefore, if re-engineering your system is your preferred choice, contact us to arrange a site survey to discuss your requirements.