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Robot Cells & Retrofits

Industrial robotic welding is becoming progressively more common in the UK’S manufacturing industry. The ability of a programmed robot manipulator to tirelessly perform the same tasks to more accurate, repeatable quality whilst virtually eliminating weld failures is a proven and the advancements in recent years has solidified the industrial robot into today’s industry.

The quality and high specs now available will inevitably lead to less waste, higher productivity and ultimately to increased profitability. Driving down you carbon footprint

Advanced Industrial Robotics supply and install the Panasonic range of welding robots as standard. With fast travel and acceleration speeds up to 180M/min and vastly improved communication speeds. Offering a constantly evolving fully integrated software-controlled arc welding robot package.

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Panasonic Welding Cells

Panasonic Performarc™ range of pre-engineered robotic welding cells are of a modular design and available in multiple standard specifications and sizes to suit your requirements.

The diverse range of welding software allows you to choose from standard mild steel MIG/MAG, stainless steel, Zintec and the absolute best aluminium welding solution on the market. The same Tawers power source can also be used for HF TIG.

Retrofit & Re-engineered

Reengineering current systems? our retrofit packages are built around the Panasonic Tawers™ range of robot welding robots and the diversity that the range offers.

With all the benefits of a welding power source designed to cover all welding processes and a tooling company available to support, AI Robotics are here to offer our support.

Options & Add Ons

To complement Panasonic’s industrial welding robot range there are host of additional options, both hardware and software to enhance the usability of welding cell.

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