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Panasonic PerformArc

Panasonic Industrial Robotic Welding Cells

Pre-engineered to suit a host of possible applications.

If your requirements can’t be met from the range of standard products bespoke welding cells can be designed and built to your specific requirements. Specialised training courses come as standard with every robot sale.

Panasonic Partner

Retrofit Packages

Utilising Panasonic Robots and software

A huge choice of retrofit packages is available from the diverse range of Panasonic manipulators and welding software.

For every possible MIG or TIG welding process Panasonic have a proven application developed. Specialised training packages come as standard with every robot sale.


Panasonic Handling robots

For example, with an approximate 2.6 metre reach and 220KG payload the Panasonic HS-220G3 Industrial Robot System is more than capable of fulfilling your palletising and component manipulation requirements. The range also includes the smaller YS-080G3 2.2 metre reach and 80KG payload

Panasonic Partner
Panasonic Partner

Lapriss Laser System

Laser Processing Robot Integrated System Solution

One system capable of replacing traditional resistance spot welding, MIG welding, and laser cutting all from one robot system.

Utilising Panasonic servo control technology (already well proven in the range of manipulators) for controlling the trepanning head, multiple welding patterns and beam functions are available.
With a lightweight (4KG) laser head the use of the TM series manipulator is easily achieved.

External Axes

As well as the standard range, robotic welding cells AI Robotics are also able to offer external axis options to increase the standard 6 axes of manipulation available from the robot manipulator.
Several options of additional part manipulation is also available from the Panadice range of external axes positioners including a shift track (not shown)

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