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Cycle Time Improvement

Our cycle time service has been designed to offer customers with systems already established to check the current cycle times and make necessary adjustments to increase productivity and to improve profitability. Providing a service to first evaluate the current cycle and then implement program changes to both robot path and weld data including sequence commands. Making the process more effectual to reduce daily running costs by increasing the ‘arc on’ to ‘arc off’ cycle ratio to achieve a more efficient, smoother and ultimately cost affective weld cycle.

By doing so the benefits will be:

  • Reduction in cycle time
  • Reduction in consumable usage
  • Reduction in gas and wire usage
  • Reduction in operating costs

Copied programs will be adjusted to improve the cycle time. While these programs are checked for weld quality and macro pass the original program will be reinstated for current production requirements before the improved robot programs have been released by QA department.

* Prices are calculated for customers within 160 miles from our SO50 postcode, for customers outside this an additional cost will be incurred and quoted on an individual basis.

An off-site service will also become available by using offline programming software. G2 and G3 customers can have pre-written programs checked and modified to keep downtime to a minimum.

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