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Why choose Advanced Industrial Robotics Ltd and why now?
Advanced Industrial Robotics are a small but extremely capable family run business set up by the directors to offer the UK and Eire a better option when it comes to committing to the evolving industrial robotic market. We achieve this by offering a wide choice when our customers are deciding how best to fulfil and automate their production requirements helping them every step of the way.

Rest assured that although the company is new, the knowledge and expertise that drives our company has been over 20 years in the making!

Being the only UK based company that solely specialises in the Panasonic range of industrial robotic equipment, Advanced Industrial Robotics are privileged to be able to offer the latest technical advances in the robotic welding industry. With ease of access to major motorway links and a local airport within 15 minutes we are never far away!

Here at Advanced Industrial Robotics Ltd we offer a service that is built on traditional values, where courtesy and reliability are integral.

Panasonic fastest in its class TM1400 Tawers Robot manipulator.

The TM1400 manipulator with G3 controller can be used with an external welding power source or for small handling operations and special purpose installations such as grinding when fitted with the correct end effector.

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