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At Advanced Industrial Robotics we believe that customer assistance, rapid response, technical support, and ultimately total customer satisfaction to be the keystone to success. 

We employ a flexible approach to the services we provide making it easier for the customer to obtain their exact requirements… whether it is choosing a simple Robotic welding cell, or one of our fully integrated turnkey robotic welding cell solutions, the course content in a Panasonic Robot Training package or a simple answer to a specific request.

Choosing between different levels of cover in our series of Panasonic Robot Service packages or merely requesting some free technical advice.

With years of experience in this demanding and rapidly evolving industry we can provide expert technical support both over the phone and onsite to keep your robotic welding systems up and running at their optimum performance levels.

Panasonic Business
Panasonic Business

Offering the Panasonic PerformArc™ range of welding cells and re-engineered retrofit robot packages utilising the Panasonic TAWERS™ Series of welding robots.  More comprehensive details are available to view on our sales page. Complimented by our wide-ranging aftersales services including Panasonic robot programming, operating, programming and maintenance training courses. Technical support with free telephone support to all and rapid onsite breakdown response.

If you are unsure whether a new system or to re-engineer an existing cell with one of our retrofit packages would be more suitable for your needs and fit your current budget, then please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss all options with you.

We are here, supporting you throughout the journey from conception to realisation with budgets to suit all applications.

from design to completion

AI Robotics specialise in industrial robotic welding systems, robot cells and robot welding, focussing on the technically superior Panasonic range of welding robots as we believe these to offer far greater options to other manufacturers and surpass all expectations in the field of welding robots and automation. Panasonic robots offer the latest cutting-edge technology which can be utilised for many different purposes.

We are proud to be an official Panasonic Partner which enables us to provide every aspect of industrial robotic welding and handling robot cells. From welding tips and torches in our spares and consumables department to fully integrated turnkey solutions.

Robot arm design stage


Panasonic Partner

being able to complete our vision for supplying our customers total support with the absolute best products we are delighted with our ongoing partnerships with both Panasonic Industrial Europe and Abicor Binzel allowing AI Robotics full access to a comprehensive range of spares and consumables.

To further enhance our service for Robot Welding Systems we are delighted to announce our partnership with Griffin 3D Design to complement our belief that a turnkey robotic welding cell solution is the way forward.

Robotic Automation

“Robots are taking over the factories and causing people to be made redundant”… unfortunately this is the type of bad press that can discourage companies investing in robotic automation and deter employees from embracing the new technologies at their fingertips. This entire concept is a misconception, in fact robotic automation can create more diverse and skilled jobs by taking over the more mundane processes and procedures. Robotics work alongside the employees in a seamless partnership streamlining procedures meaning that skilled labour can be redeployed more efficiently throughout the company. Employees are more satisfied working in diverse jobs where they are trained in robotic automation and become highly skilled in technology providing them far more career opportunities. With procedures streamlined and a higher ‘right first-time output’ this helps meet the demands more efficiently creating scope for the company itself to expand.